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Avalon Athletica

At Avalon Athletica we design activewear that inspires movement, put the planet first and makes you want to live your happiest, healthiest life.

Avalon Athletica (AVLA) is an Australian-owned and operated brand that prides itself in producing high-quality functional sportswear but we always have the planet in mind. Our brand is highly focused on high quality activewear to motivate us to feel stronger, happier and healthier.


Everything we make is sourced from factories in Indonesian and we make sure these factories go above and beyond when it comes to the wellbeing of there staff. This includes free medical insurance for all workers and their children, double the rate of other, fully air-conditioned factories and meals provided. Our factories not only treat their staff with the upmost respect but also give back to local charities that are devoted to the welfare & education of women who typically scavenge their living from rubbish dumps.

They rehouse them & teach how to read & write & assist with clothing & other basic needs.

Make a Statement

Our ranges make a statement. We MOVE the way we feel, We SUPPORT & EMPOWER one another, We care EXPLORE & CARE for our earth, We are all wellness of the mind, body and planet.

We work hard everyday to reduce our footprint in an ever-growing industry, from recycled fabrics to eco-dyes and the support of other small like-minded Australian businesses – you can wear anything from Avalon Athletica proudly everyday knowing that we are working hard to make sure these values stay at the forefront of every decision we make.

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